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I decided to open my own karaoke-bar in YouTube in order to give all you fervent karaoke-lovers a chance to practice the most frequently offered songs with me together. And sneer all you want, you karaoke-haters! Your sneering only shows, that you have not visited the „right” karaoke-bar yet.
Just to make that clear: I’m NOT talking about karaoke-BOXES. Those are created for couples in need of some „privacy” for … you know what ;-). Or for some „old school frieds” or „work-buddies” (“salary-men” in Japan) who can go there after work for an hour or so of “shoulder-rubbing intimacy” before they have to return to the family (the neon-light and hair-curlers and screaming children). (They probably tell their wives, they had to work overtime …)
I’m talking BIG karaoke bars, for at least 20 people, with a charming hostess (in Japan: „mama-san”), who tries to match you up with another lonely customer. Most of the time, these bars are arranged around her (and her assistants), though sometimes they have a little stage for the vocalists and sometimes even a little dance-floor. Once in Berlin, while I was singing a Cole-Porter song, several couples spontaneously got up and started dancing „cheek-to-cheek”. That really made me feel like a professional! ;-)
My old friend Ginchan recorded me and made the illustrations (in form of disc-covers, singing with my imagined partners) for this web-site. But don’t be fooled: I sing only songs, that have been in the „public domain” for a long time and with music of paid-for karaoke-disks (often various versions). And, of course, I am a complete amateur (never had a singing-lesson in my life; „professionals” would consider it to be beneath their dignity to sing in a karaoke bar ;-) and do not charge money for my performances — I rather want to „educate” you (urgh) – and therefore claim the right of „fair use”. Ignore my German accent, please!
Now let’s start! (The lyrics you find in the internet.)