Karaoke Jacksonville AL at Jefferson’s

Karaoke Jacksonville AL at Jefferson’s

Karaoke Jacksonville AL

Hello There! Are you searching for a TERRIFIC KARAOKE VENUE!

Try Jefferson’s in Jacksonville AL
Monday 7:30-10:30 Jacksonville

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Jefferson’s in Jacksonville, AL

Give them a call to check on thier weekly shows at 256-435-3456
or if they have provided it you can check their website below!

Get lots of information on this Show at http://Karaoke2Night.com
Jefferson’s is located at 407 Pelham Rd. in Jacksonville, AL
Get a Google Map!

Show Information:
Monday 7:30-10:30

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We accept Youtube video embeds, karaoke stories, laughs, tips on singing and virtually all that isn’t abusive. Therefore speak with us and simply let us know, then we can get going together!

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